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Sell My boat !

Why should i trust Premier Houseboats to sell my Boat ?


      Premier houseboats, sales director, Steve Sutton, originally from the banking sector has been advising customers with major financial decisions for over 25 years. He worked for another major houseboat brokerage and has therefore been involved in many houseboat sales and purchases. Steve has all the skills and expertise required to sell your boat quick!

Premier Houseboats has sold many boats and we have potential buyers waiting to buy a boat just like yours!

      Premier houseboats prime spot in the delightful Port Werburgh (ex Hoo Marina), only 10 minutes by car from Rochester, Kent means we see a large number of visits to our offices. We are also within easy travelling distance to the main residential houseboat areas on the river medway and around the south east.

      We understand the importance of advertising on the internet and as you can see we regularly update and improve our website, we have also invested hugely in insuring our website is fully optimised for the major search engines, ensuring your boat receives maximum exposure not only in the UK but worldwide!


Brokerage Benefits !


         For our brokerage customers, we will advertise your boat on the major marine directories and boat sales databases such as apollo duck together with a select few other sites that we feel will benefit our business, Zoopla, Prime Location etc

Our Brokerage rates of 8%* + VAT are highly competitive and will likely be a lot less than our competitors.

       Our highly experianced marine brokers will spend a lot of time with potential purchasers discussing their needs and we will only send them to view your boat if we believe they are the perfect match! We work hard to ensure that we only show your boat to potential purchasers that are in the position to purchase. Plus we help answer and reassure, sealing that deal for you!


*a 2% + VAT fee is applicable if you sell your boat privately. Which is used to cover our advertising fees.

                                                                                          Sell My Boat Now !

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