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Narrowboats for sale 

    If you ask people, when they think about houseboats, what the first thing that comes into their heads is, a large percentage will say a narrowboat.

With memories of family holidays, or TV programmes, it seems that we all have some experience of a narrowboat.

    For a large family there are obviously some space issues. However for a single person, a couple or even a small family, a narrowboat offers surprisingly comfortable accommodation. The average narrowboat will tend to be between 45 and 80 feet long, and around 6 feet 10 inches wide. There are also what are called widebeam narrowboats, which work on the same principle as a narrowboat, but are between 11 and 13 feet in width.

   Narrowboats tend to have a very shallow draft, and together with their narrow beam are perfect to access the shallower and narrower waterways of the UK, meaning that you can gain access to the vast majority of waterways in the UK. Like a Dutch barge they are all on one level, and therefore are easy to convert and live upon. And all the home comforts of a house are available, so if you want central heating, a dish washer, a bath, a full sized toilet or oven, or whatever else, you can have it.

blue narrowboat for sale

Stunning Purpose Built Floating Home  - £160,000


Premier Houseboats are pleased to present Alegria, a delightful purpose built houseboat finished to an extremely high... 


Year: 2014

Length: 57'

Location: Hoo, Kent, ME3

Telephone: 01634 256946

wide beam Springer on residential mooring

Widebeam Springer Ex Ferry   - £114,995

Premier Houseboats are pleased to present Pendle Witch, a widebeam Springer which when working was licenced to... 


Year: 1986

Length: 47'

Location: Hoo, Kent

Telephone: 01634 256946

unusual Dutch Barge style narrowboat

Dutch Barge Style Narrowboat    £49,995

Premier Houseboats are pleased to present Piggin Arkful, an unusual Dutch Barge style narrowboat on residential mooring ...


Year: 1994

Length: 60'

Location: Hoo , Kent

Telephone: 01634 256946

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