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Welcome to Premier Houseboats Website

Premier Houseboats is one of the UK's leading houseboat centers. Based in Port Werburgh (formally Hoo Marina) near Rochester Kent UK.




           Please book an appointment before coming to see us, as for security reasons if we are not available you will not be allowed access to the marina !!!!
Thank you


       Sales director, Steve Sutton, is professional friendly and very capable of looking after all of your needs. Steve has previously worked for another company in the same line and has been involved in the sales and purchases of many boats.

       Our office overlooks the delightful Port Werburgh (Formally Hoo Marina) and is ideally situated for the many houseboat centers along the medway estuary. However our clients are not limited to the Medway area and we can assist with boat sales and purchases across the UK and further afield.

       We are flexible in our approach and understanding in our dealings. We aim to make your move between a house and house boat, or a houseboat to a houseboat, as smooth and worry free as possible. Don't delay that move of your life, Contact us today!


Why live on a houseboat?

With the housing market looking increasingly gloomy and uncertain, many would be buyers have been tempted to swap bricks and mortar for ducks and water!

Liveaboards are a great affordable alternative. It is possible to equip yourself with all of todays modern gadgetry and with ample room to spare. They can have spacious living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, even swimming pools and Helipads! Whatever you desire.

Broadband internet, land line telephone phone, mains electricity and water can all be supplied directly to your boat.

Life afloat can be very relaxing and peaceful, even if your mooring is in the centre of a city.

If you love being on the water, then you will absolutely love a liveaboard boat.


Who lives on a houseboat?

The people who buy a houseboat tend to fall into 3 main categories:

- Young couples hoping to escape the rental market and have been unable to afford a property.

- Middle aged couples wanting to release some equity and live mortgage-free.

- People looking to downsize.

                               Of course, you dont have to fall in to these categories to own a houseboat!


         We will make that dream come true for you, as we have done for many people just like you!


Contact us today, we will be happy to answer any and every question you have about living on a houseboat. Even if your not ready to buy a houseboat and just want someone to talk to about a liveaboard we will guide you through your purchase when you are ready!

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