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Commercial Boats for sale

    Firstly, people or businesses are always on the lookout for a commercial boat to add to or diversify their current business. Be it a tug, a trawler, a coaster, or any other commercial boat, there are always people looking to put these back into service if the price is right.

   Secondly, people looking to completely change their work and home lifestyle will look to a commercial boat to achieve this. This could be fishing, pleasure trips, restaurants, club houses, diving or many other money earning opportunities that can be achieved by purchasing a commercial boat, with the added benefit of being able to live where you work should you choose to do so.

   Thirdly, people will buy a commercial boat and convert it to a houseboat, where they can benefit from a huge amount of living space for their money, so a commercial boat can potentially become a massive affordable luxury home, whilst retaining the character and shape of a commercial boat.

   For example, an ex commercial boat of say 120 foot  in length will provide massive living space in the hold, more in the crew quarters, further space in the wheelhouse, and the opportunity and potential to build above deck should all that not be sufficient.

   Rarely can you get so much living space at such an affordable price in comparison to a house, without a huge mortgage, making a commercial boat a very affordable and tangible alternative in the search for affordable, large, luxury accommodation!

   Commercial boats tend to be built robustly, and due to stringent insurance, trade and health and safety conditions, are usually very well maintained. Therefore a commercial boat can provide the solid foundation for the houseboat of your dreams.

an ex event venue boat ready for conversion

Amazing Venue with Houseboat Potential    £240,000


Premier Houseboats are pleased to present Rochester Queen,  an ex event venue boat, that could be put back to being a venue with a ... 


Year: 1935

Length: 122' 2''

Location: Cuxton, Kent

Telephone: 01634 256946

an ex tanker barge on a secure residential mooring

Tanker for Conversion   £25,000


Premier Houseboats are pleased to present Humber mariner, an ex tanker barge now on a secure residential mooring ... 



Length: 140'

Location: Hoo, Kent

Telephone: 01634 256946

excavator barge,  been used for piling and dredging

Excavator Barge   £17,500

Premier Houseboats are pleased to present this excavator barge, which has also been used for piling and... 


Year: 1970

Length: 86'

Location: Hoo, Kent

Telephone: 01634 256946

tug boat project

Small Tug Project   £9,750

Premier Houseboats are pleased to present the Jane Lee, a tug project that has been laid up for some time but could be put... 


Year: 1957

Length: 55'

Location: Chatham, Kent

Telephone: 01634 256946

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