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The UK is surrounded by water but secure residential moorings are very hard to find.

The most important thing to do before you buy a houseboat is to find a mooring or ensure the boat you are buying comes with the transfer of the mooring it is currently on. 

Provided you introduce yourself personally to mooring owners, moorings can be transferred without too many problems.

A marina/mooring owner does have the right to make appropriate checks on any potential new mooring tenant. 

Moorings are generally agreed on a rolling 1,3,6 or 12 month contract and are charged from £1 per foot per week. It's also possible to purchase a mooring on a freehold basis.

Due to our prime position we can help you find a mooring for your houseboat. Contact us for details! Looking for further details on moorings? Take a look at our FAQ section!

Want To Live Afloat


Port Werburgh, Vicarage Lane

Hoo, Rochester, Kent


Telephone: 01634 252107


Port Werburgh Residential Marina is a family run business that has run the marina for over 25 years. At the moment it houses around 300 people in over 200 boats of all different shapes and sizes.They have residential moorings available up to 200ft. If you looking to find a home for your boat please feel free to call them, they will be happy to help, and are an extremely friendly company.

Do you have a mooring to let or for sale? We can display your mooring on here for our normal brokerage rates. Contact us for details.

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